Water level meters

The water level meters are used to make measurements of groundwater levels in piezometers in standpipes, Casagrande and wells. These tools consist of a cable mounted on a roller where the signal circuit and the battery are located, so as to be easily transportable. The tip mounted at the lower end of the wire, in contact with water, closes a circuit that activates an audible and light alarm. The location of the probe (when activated, these warning signals are activated) corresponds with the level of the water which is then read directly from the graduated cable.

Water level meters produced by Gestecno are equipped with:

• An audible signal (with a buzzer) and a visual signal (with LED) when the water level is reached
• An on/off switch
• A rotatory knob for the sensitivity adjustment of the tip
• A 12 mm diameter probe (other diameters on request)
• A 9 volt battery power supply
• A roller with cable winder

Gestecno produces both a model with a graduated round cable and a model with a millimeter flat cable.