Water Level Loggers

The resistive piezometer is a relative pressure transducer, which allows to define the piezometric height by measuring the hydrostatic pressure that acts on the sensor. On the inside of the self-supporting cable, a small tube connects the reference room of the sensor with the atmosphere, so that any changes in environmental pressure act contemporarly on the piezometric surface rather than on the reference room: this allows to measure just the water pressure, and therefore the water level.
In the integrated logger version, a data acquisition board provides automation and storage of measurements. The sensor is made of two parts connected by a cable of variable length based on the installation depth. The lower part, where the sensor and the circuit board are located, is cylindrical in shape, with a diameter of 21 mm and a length of 75 mm . The upper part, of a different shape according to the installation requirements, contains the connector for interfacing with your computer.
The exceptional autonomy, due to the very low power consumption (with a range of one hour, the battery life is over 2-3 years), the enormous storage capacity, compact and robust execution and excellent quality components make this level gauge a unique tool for controlling and monitoring water levels in piezometers, in wells, pits, canals, tanks, rivers, lakes, etc.