Gestecno was founded in 1992 as a service company in the fields of testing and non-destructive testing and geotechnical and structural monitoring.

Over the years, the desire to offer its customers reliable products at high-quality and low costs prompted the company to develop and manufacture the instruments on their own, drawing on deep experience directly in the field for over 20 years.

Currently Gestecno designs and manufactures most of the products it offers; thanks to the positive feedback received from the numerous customers who have had the opportunity to use its products over the years, it has become a point of reference in its sector, an important reality on the national scene and, in recent years, is emerging successfully also to foreign markets that appreciate its “100% made in Italy” production.


Gestecno headquarter is in Marche, in the heart of Italy, located in a new facility. At the inside, wide spaces are dedicated to the projection, production activity and test.

Gestecno also has a large and replenished warehouse for the storage of raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products, which represents an important strategic element for the company to reduce at minimum delivery times.

Thanks to a young staff composed by high skilled and strongly motivated people, Gestecno is able to meet the different needs of the customer, both through the supply of standard products and services and through the design and implementation of custom solutions.

Gestecno constantly invests in R&D to improve the performance and competitiveness of its products, and is ISO 9001:2015 certified, as proof of an accurate attention to the quality and the respect of defined protocols.


QUALITY – The main objective of Gestecno is to offer products with design, materials, and technical solutions that are able to expertly combine quality, reliability, and low cost. To accomplish this, Gestecno manufactures all of its products in its own laboratories, using highly qualified external resources for special processing. The continuous search for innovative technical solutions, along with a careful selection of materials and technologies and a streamlined internal organization, have allowed Gestecno to optimize the production process over the years and therefore to produce products with a high quality to price ratio.

RELIABILITY – Gestecno welcomes customer requests and handles projects as if they were their own. Gestecno takes care of the various and different needs of each project with professionalism, proposing solutions that are technically and economically adapted to each problem. Gestecno intends to present itself as an extremely reliable partner, thanks to the constant commitment to respect the promised times and quality standards, as well as the ability to identify effective, complete, personalized and safe solutions.

FLEXIBILITY – Thanks to the slenderness and flexibility of its operating structure, Gestecno is able to design and create customized systems and solutions for particular applications and requests. Each new project is an opportunity for Gestecno to demonstrate its wealth of skills and experience gained over many years of work carried out with passion and professionalism: this is why it always faces it as a challenge and an unmissable opportunity for growth.

RAPIDITY – Gestecno has a large and stocked warehouse that allows it to minimize delivery times. Many products are ready for delivery (including water level meters, flat jacks, vibrating wire strain gauge, crackmeters, electric load cells, read out units, etc.), and many other products (including borehole rod extensometers, in-place inclinometers, etc.) have a short waiting time due to the effective assembly of components already available and stored in warehouses.


Over the past few years both public opinion and administrations have paid more and more attention to structural monitoring as a tool to control and evaluate the state of conservation of infrastructures (roads, bridges, tunnels, hydraulic infrastructures etc.) and public utilities (large buildings, buildings of historical and artistic interest, strategic buildings, etc.).

Gestecno, which has engaged in the design and production of sensors and data acquisition systems in this sector for nearly 30 years, performs as an outstanding spokesman in this area, thanks to its qualified work team, the skills gained over time and the ability to use the latest up-to-date technologies available on the market.

In addition to traditional systems, by exploiting the impressive developments lately achieved in the information technology sector, Gestecno has devised and created a range of sensors and specific data acquisition systems for structural monitoring. These are low-cost and easy to install. Also low is their environmental impact and the consumption and maintenance they require.

This new structural monitoring system by Gestecno is extremely modern and versatile and is based on the latest generation NB-IoT standard. It consists of a wide range of sensors able to control the main physical quantities (displacements, inclinations, deformations, loads, temperature, humidity), which can be quickly and easily fixed to the structure to be monitored, without wiring and configurations.

These sensors are connected one-to-one and directly with a server turning them into information that are easy to analyze and use, storing and making them available on a platform. This last is accessible to any authorised user by means of any device connected to the Internet (PC, Tablet or Smartphone) and with no need of an additional specific software.

Such a system has the following advantages:

    • gains information continuously and remotely
    • makes the monitoring activity more effective
    • reduces the costs of collection of data for interest parameters
    • considerably reduces the risk of deterioration
    • allows programming and simplifying maintenance operations
    • provides the possibility to send alarms upon excess of thresholds

Finally, this system, through remote “near real-time” monitoring, allows timely intervention in case of deterioration of the structure and gives a positive and reliable impression of the company and of the organisation that, by adopting these devices, shows as keeping up with global standards of technology and security.


Loc. Lanciano, 13 - 62022 Castelraimondo (MC) - Italy

 tel/fax: (+39) 0737.642174
 email: info@gestecno.it