Load cells for steel linings

The hydraulic load cell has been designed to be located at the base of reinforcement structures to meaasure the load that they transmit to the basement. This control is essential to ensure the safety of temporary or permanent reinforcement structures. They are generally installed on the impost of tunnels, under the support of the rib, their shape simplifies the installation.
The cell consists of two round steel plates, turned and welded together in order to create a cavity, filled with a special oil and connected to an electric transducer, which transforms every change of pressure acting on the cavity in a variation of the electric signal with standard output 4÷20 mA.
All the sensor part, including cables, is isolated and protected, to prevent the concrete inside the cell; circuits and sensors are resin-coated and protected in order to preserve the functionality of the instrument in case of impact or immersion.
The reading of the electric pressure transducer data can be done through the use of a portable control unit or by means of an automatic data acquisition system designed to achieve the continuous monitoring.