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8-24 channels datalogger

In its essence, an automatic datalogger and storage system consists of an input side that receives analogical signals from the transducers (sensors that convert the physical parameters of the phenomenon of interest into electrical quantities), from an analogical-digital converter that provides conversion of digital and analog input signals, and from the side that performs the function of storing the converted data. The readout unit is a tool enabled to power sensors and to display data from them. It has a "non-volatile" memory to ensure data retention with no power temporary absence, and it is powered by an internal rechargeable lead-acid battery that is easy to change, which thanks to the very low power consumption of the system can last 12 months too. The supplied software, in addition to allowing data download by cable connection with a laptop, allows you to set a whole range of useful configuration parameters. The stored data are saved to your PC directly into files that are readable with Excel and other well-known spreadsheets. All of these special features make this an extremely useful tool to collect data for long periods of time and/or in places unattended or not easily accessible.


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