Gestecno produces a wide range of instruments for geotechnical, geomechanics, hydrogeology and civil engineering. The products are characterized by a high quality/price ratio, thanks to the company's ability to expertly combine his experience over twenty years in the field, the quality of Made in Italy and the slenderness of its operative structure. Always careful to customer satisfaction, Gestecno executes with scrupulous care the various production phases and, if required, implements custom solutions to the particular needs of the project. It also has a well-stocked warehouse which allows to minimize delivery times.


11/01/2016 - Water level meters in promotion
Continue the offer on our water level meters with the possibility to choose between 7 different cable lengths...read more
01/12/2014 - ISO 9001:2008 Certification
On 17 November 2014 Gestecno has been certified according to the International Standard ISO 9001:2008...read more