Electrical cables

The cables are the trickiest part of any network monitoring. They must be guaranteed totally waterproof in connection with tools and must resist the installation both within concrete products and in soil. They are generally composed of two or more tinned copper conductors coated with an insulating sheat and arranged to form a ring-shaped cable with a double protective sheath. Gestecno provides different types of cables. Some of them have a protective outer sheath that makes them highly water resistant and therefore suitable for submersible applications. On the contrary, others have an outer sheath made of abrasion-resistant material. Some cables must also be able to withstand efforts in tension without breaking or elongate and are therefore equipped with a steel wire or kevlar. Lastly, some others are supplied with small nylon tubes for barometric compensation used for instruments that require it. To ensure good transmission of electrical signals, in particular that are weak, all cables are shielded so as to eliminate any possible trouble.